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1 week, 1 month or half a year?

Give it a good go - you need at least 3 months before judging it. This is especially true for anti-ageing products.

The reason is that changes in collagen metabolism (in the dermis) take around 3 months to happen. Prior to this, you might see other changes already such as an improvement in skin hydration, which often already happens after a few days.

Further to this, improvements in skin glow caused by increased cell turnover in the epidermis might become visible after around one month already. However, real anti-ageing benefits with increased collagen production will take 2-3 months. Of course the results will continue to improve beyond 3 months.

The only reason to stop a skincare regime earlier than 3 months might be if there are tolerance issues, for example if you react with a rash to the product, in which case you should stop immediately.

Remember this:

  1. Hydrating effects can be almost instant (1-2 days)
  2. Exfoliating effects i.e. with salicylic acid/lactic acid can improve glow in 1 month
  3. Long lasting anti-ageing effect i.e. that promote collagen (the scaffolding of your skin) take up to and over 3 months
  4. A holistic approach with a healthy lifestyle has the greatest effects on our skin. Things like eating well, getting sufficient sleep, avoiding stress and wearing sunscreen is essential.




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